Alexander Beskov. Sochi

Sadzians-Jigetians, Ubychians and Shapsugians, estranged before, now united against the formidable adversary. Their furious attacks on the forts practically never ceases during the next fifteen years. All the military's offerings of living in peace and friendship made no success. When the Crimean campaign began the Russian garrisons were evacuated and the fortresses destroyed. Ten years later, in 1864, regular troops set out to the Black Sea Coast, and three months later at the mouth of the River Dagomys the Army commander General Geyman accepted capitulation from the Ubychian leader Berzek Kerantukh Dagomukov.

On May 21, 1864 in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana) His Imperial Highness Great Prince the Caucasian Governor-General Mikhail Nikolayevich read out the manifesto about termination of the war.

At a general meeting the broken-hearted highlanders decided to move to Asia Minor. In a short time the migrants completely assimilated with the natives. The unique "birds" language disappeared with them. Only a few Shapsugian communities accepted the winners' rigid terms and migrated beyond the River Kuban. Their foresight proved its value - some time later they came back to their native land where they are living now.
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