Alexander Beskov. Sochi

Automobile the result of improvement of bicycle, a recent mechanical trinket, is winning more and more admirers nowadays. Though this modern, up-to-date sport definitely does not contribute to the physical health of the weaking mankind, its certain hygienic virtues cannot be denied. Firstly, it keeps a person in a good mood giving pleasure as a means of fast transportation, secondly, it makes its adherents enjoy country promenades in the open air, and thirdly, which is the most important, it is likely to refresh the lower of city atmosphere by supplanting horses which are known as a considerable source of street air pollution due to the excrement natural for a living organism.

...Many are already foreseeing total exclusion of horse traction and regarding automobile as a significant rival to railroad. In Russia there are already workshops producing engines, and automobilists' clubs; competitions are held as well. But all this is confined tightly for we do not have fair roads.

"Niva", July 10, 1901
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