Alexander Beskov. Sochi

In Sochi there is a place where a piece of the primeval pre-ice age Caucasian flora has remained in its original look. Here one can breathe the air of the Tertiary period of the Caenozoic Era (that's when the human race did not exist yet). This is the yew and box-tree grove. It can be visited by people of all ages. Since 1930 the grove has been a preserve, so stepping out of the path and picking an gathering anything is prohibited. A curious man should join an excursion. Then he will get to know that the box-bree wood is poisonous and sinks in the water, that the berries of a yew are the same thing as the cones of a ceder, that the leaves of a ruscus are not actually leaves but stems, that Vladimir Mayakovskii walked here with his beloved in 1929, and, of course, many other facts. Don't try to get to the ruins of the Byzantian fortress - the path over a steep precipice is neglected and is really dangerous to you life.
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