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Education, Science

Academic college 

Academy of floristry and design 

Aegean and Black Sea 2006 

Antiquities of Sochi and its environs Book of Y. H. Voronov on ancient history of the area of Sochi.

Art school for children №1 named after A.I. Pakhomov Official site.

BSTEN Black Sea Tourism Educational Network

Biblionavigator Library of gymnasium № 1.

Boarding school № 1 Boarding school of secondary (full) general education.

Boarding-school № 2 Municipal special (correctional) boarding-school.

Bylye gody Black Sea Region Historical journal.

COKO Center for evaluation of the quality of education.

CTRiGO Center for creative development and humanitarian education.

Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions Municipal educational establishment of additional education.

College of multicultural education 

Courses in foreign languages Foreign language courses at the school № 8.

EN 101 Linguistic simulator EN101.

Education in Sochi Education and science department of Sochi Administration, Official site.

EspaSochi Learning the Spanish language.

Evening School № 3 Official site.

Free Dance Dance Studio. Dance training.

Génie électrique and not only...

Gumanizacia obrazovania Scientific and practical journal.

Gymnasium № 1 In-depth study of foreign languages.

Gymnasium № 15 

Gymnasium № 16 In Khosta.

Gymnasium № 8 

Gymnasium "School of Business" Non-governmental educational institution.

Higher education Control, course and degree work.

Information center Municipal educational institution.

Internet-education Regional center.

Internet school in Sochi 

Ladushki Studio of early development. Preschool formation of children.

Lingua Courses in English, French, German and Spanish.

Link-Sochi Private educational institution.

Lyceum № 23 

MADI Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University, Sochi branch.

Medical liceum 23 Official site.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Sochi branch.

Polyglotte & K Training Center of Foreign Languages.


Professionalny lycey № 19 Establishment of initial vocational training.

RELOD in Sochi Textbooks published in UK and France.

RGSU in Sochi Branch of Moscow State Social University.

Russian International Olympic University A nonprofit organisation.

Russian geographic society Sochi branch.

SFUK Sochi Finance and Law College.

SIEIT The Sochi institute of economics and information technologies.

SIMBiP The Sochi Institute of fashion, business and law.

SNIC RAN The Sochi research center of the Russian academy of sciences.

Scholl № 13 

School № 10 

School № 12 Official site.

School № 2 

School № 22 

School № 24 

School № 25 A School in Adler.

School № 3 The school named after Nikolai Ilyich Stogov.

School № 48 School in Galytsino village.

School № 49 School in Adler.

School № 75 School in Lazarevsky.

School № 80 Lazarevsky secondary school named after D.L. Kalarash, the hero of USSR.

School № 82 

School № 9 Named after Nikolay Ostrovsky.

School and Physics About Physics for students and teachers.

Sochi Medical College 

Sochi School of Arts Official site.

Sochinsky kraeved The popular science magazine of Sochi department of the Russian Geographical Society.

South Federal University Representation in Sochi.

The Caucasian national park The Caucasian state natural biospheric reserve.

The Sochi university of Recreation and Tourism Versatile high school. Preparation of experts on 28 specialities.

Tuapsinka The history of railroad Stavropol - Armavir - Tuapse - Sochi built by Armavr-Touapse Railroad Company and Black Sea Reilroad Company in the begining of the XX century. The Civil War on the South of Russia and the Northern Caucasus.

Ubychian language Information on Ubykh language.

VNII of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops State Scientific Institution All-Russia Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Vestnik SGUTiKD Scientific journal.

Vittfarne expedition The expedition of the Swedish society "Vittfarne" on a replica of Viking boat along the ancient trade route.

X-SIEIT Site for students of the Sochi Institute of Economics and Information Technology.

sochi_edu@LJ Department of Education and Science.

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