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ALK++ Eurostroy UInternational Construction, repair, improvement and design.

AVTO Manufacture of window designs.

Agro Design Project Civil works.

Ak Bars Stroy Delivery polistrol-concrete wall blocks.

Alatyr Construction company.

Alians XXI vek Manufacturing and construction firm.

Alliance Plast Manufacturing and installation of window systems from structures of KBE and Krauss.

AlpProektStroy Construction company.

Alpikasroiservice Production, sale and delivery of concrete in Sochi.


Assol Civil engineering firm.

Astrostroy Houses construction.

Atlantis Swimming pool construction.

Austromobil-Sochi A branch of "Azamer".

Capital - ES Construction and reconstruction in Sochi.

ChernomorStroyService Supplies of cement, sand and gravel.

CommercStroy Branch in Sochi. Supply objects of monolithic housing construction by account materials and the building equipment.

Company "ECOS" Designing and construction of constructions on sewage treatment and natural superficial waters.

DAN stroy Road construction.

DKRS-Sochi Russian Railways subsidiary. Directorate of complex reconstruction of the railway and construction of railway transport.

Design+ Group of the companies. Designing, construction, furnish.

Doninvest Investment and development company.

EVRO-CLASS Construction of wooden log homes and baths.

EnergoStroyKomplekt Combining construction.

Etalon Sochi Production and assembly company.

Europeysky dom Prefabricated houses on frame-panel technology.

Europol Sochi Plastering work mechanized way.

Exclusiv Techno Drilling operations, sale of construction equipment.

FGU DSD "Chernomorye" Management of construction and reconstruction of highways of the Black Sea coast.

Factory of building materials Expanded clay, concrete, blocks, paving slabs and concrete rings.

GK Olympstroy State corporation. Construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

General Builder Construction and installation work.

Glavstroymontag Construction of roads, earthworks and counter work.

Haskama Construction of individual houses.

Hristofor The construction company.

INECS Sewage treatment plants to the complete biological purification equipment.

Infort objects in Sochi Group LEK.

Inko Production of aluminum wall panels.


Inzhzaschita Designing and construction of engineering protection of various objects.

KSK Building company in Adler.

Khomar Building of a base marine in a Tikhaya Bay.

Krovmontazh Roof, roofing materials, services in installation of the sold goods.

KubanStroyConstruction Design, fabrication, assembly buildings and structures of metal.

LaRos-Building Production and sale of ready-mixed concrete, concrete mixtures, their delivery.

MIPK "Rossiyskaya nedvizhimost" Official representative of "Teply Dom".

My city Inc. Manufacture and sale of metalplastic windows. The industrial base in Sochi.

Nationalnaya Stroitelnaya Kompanya Building and repair-reconstruction services.

Novy Dom Quickly erected structures.

Novy Gorod - SKD Construction, designing, engineering, management of projects, consulting.

Novy Technology Prefabricated buildings for technology LSTC.

Novy gorod Included in the association of roofers of Russia.

OOO "Stroitelnaya firma" Construction of industrial and civil objects.

OOO Stroymontage-14 The whole complex of civil works.

OOO Tonneldorstroy Building and reconstruction of tunnels and constructions on motorways.


Olimp-Sochi Construction, manufacturing of concrete products, trim.

Omega Manufacture and installation of PVC windows and doors.

Penetron Sochi Waterproofing systems.

PenoStroy Manufacture and sale of aerated concrete.

ProfDomStroi Construction company.


Real-Stroy Construction of individual houses.

RosTechnoStroy Sales, rental and servicing of construction technics.

Rusfasad Production of the facades.

SATa Japanese construction equipment rental.

SE Serdioukov Repairs completed, construction, decoration.

SMEGO SOCHI Sale of pipes, and also the goods for systems of water supply, water removal and heating.

SMU № 4 

SMU-1 Construction, renovation and decoration of private homes, cottages, apartments, offices and warehouses.

SMU-1 Construction of all types of objects. Civil and erection works. A special equipment.

SMU-101 Construction of low-rise buildings.

SMU-2 Housing, schools and other facilities.

SMU-21 Construction Holding. Manufacture of concrete of any grade, construction of residential civilian objects.

SMU 3 Construction and mounting department № 3.

SMU-40 Construction management.

Sarmat Construction company.

Sizmara Expanded clay blocks, construction and repair work.

SochiSpetsMonolit Construction of reinforced concrete.

SochiStroyKomplekt Production of foam (foam blocks), dry construction mixtures.

Sochimorstroy Construction of hydraulic structures.

Sochinskaya cementnaya company Selling cement at Sochi.

Specmonolit Production and sale of concrete.

Stredgrupp Finishing work.

StroyMir Wholesale and retail trade in building and finishing materials.

Stroyinstrumentservice Construction and decoration materials, professional equipment and tools.

Stroykomplex Complex equipment of construction projects.

Stroymedservice Construction of prefabricated houses.

Stroyoboroudovanie Construction Equipment.

Stroypress Production and delivery of concrete and mortar, rental of concrete pumps and other equipment, construction sites 1 and 2 levels of complexity.

Sunzha Development Investment and construction company.

TD-Olimp Sales of sand, gravel, sand and gravel mixtures; the production of concrete mixtures. Delivering them to the construction sites.

Terrainvest Construction Company.

Tonnelny otryad 44 Construction and reconstruction of tunnels, subway lines, overpasses, bridges, pedestrian underpasses, underground structures, roads, civil and industrial projects.

USTA-2 Shop of building materials.

UnisStroy Construction and repair.

Universal Plus Repair and construction firm.

VITEK Industrial construction company.

Viator Manufacture and installation of automatic gates, roller shutters, gates, doors and windows.

Vismos Designing, building and servicing swimming pools.

Vodoley Building company.

Yamal Investment and construction company.

Yougnaya stroitelno-investitionnaya companya Buildings construction and reconstruction.

Youzhnaya Dorozhno-Stroitelnaya Companya Asphalting and road construction.

YugStetsStroy Construction and manufacturing of steel.

Yugma Construction of buildings, construction monolithic, installation of precast concrete, painting and decorating.

Yugo-Gradnya Construction and finishing work.

ZhK "Ostrov mechty" 

alfateh-ug Formwork for monolithic construction.

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