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...::: S☼chi :::... LJ community about Sochi.

Absolut Association of security and legal protection.

Adler's council of veterans of war and veterans of work Adler public organization of veterans, pensioners, invalids of the Great Patriotic War and Labor, Armed Forces and law enforcement.

Adlrersky area Site of administration of Adlersky area.

All about KVN in Sochi KVN' life in Sochi.


Argo Consumer Society.

BespredelNet Social movement.

BlogSochi Independent blogging system of Sochi.

Centre for the Development of Sochi volunteering 

Children of the Sochi streets Sociological research of neglect of minors.

Club RR CB Club.

Club of Parents of Sochi 

Creative Union of Artists of Russia Sochi organisation.

Desantnik Sochi Youth Public Military Oriented Patriotic organization "DESANTNIK".

Diamond Way Buddhism Sochi Buddhist center of Karma Kagyu school.

Enosi Sochi city public organization of Russian Greeks.

Environmental Council of Sochi 

Environmental Council of Sochi Public organisation.

Environmental Watch on North Caucasus For compliance with environmental requirements in preparation for the Olympics 2014.

FludSochi Independent discussion area.

FlyLady Virtual Women's Club.

Forum about rest in Sochi Exchange of information about recreation on the Black Sea resorts.

Forum of RC "Jamaica" Forum of holders and owners of residential complex on Landyshevaya street.

Forum of managers Forum of managers, sales representatives, supervisors of Sochi.

Free Cossack The life of the Kuban and Sochi.

Growing Together Parents' Club.

Hosta - our common home Lyudmila Goryaeva's blog.

II International Forum "For a spiritual unity of Mankind" An information site.

Ichos Life through the eyes of witnesses.

Information and Library Department of SCRO Official site.

Jewish community of Sochi 

Joy of All Who Sorrow Site of the parish Church of Our Lady "Joy of All Who Sorrow."

KPRF Sochi Sochi City Committee of the Communist Party.

KVN League of University Official site.

KVN in Sochi as is 

LKSM Sochi Leninist Communist Youth League.

Letalny ischod Command of KVN of the Sochi Medical School. An official site.

Lived in Sochi before the Olympics Construction of Olympic Games under the windows.

Mayachok The Sochi portal of gays and lesbians.

Mecom club in Sochi 


Moto-events in Sochi 

Moya lyubimaya komanda Official site of a female command of KVN of RUDN (Adler).

Orthodox Sochi News, photos, articles.

Orthodox Sochi A forum.


PRESIDENTinternet.NET The first truly independent site of Sochi.

Palma-de-Sochi KVN team. Official site.

People of Sochi. Photo gallery Socio-cultural project.

Piratslaya kopya The KVN team.

Plastunka Unofficial site of the village.

Pod Fenom Official site of a command of KVN "Pod Fenom" (the Combined team of SGUTiKD University League). Information about what is happening in the city.

PreKrasny Sochi A group of Left Front.

Privet Sochi Personal and team blogs about Sochi. The Sochi site of fans of dogs.

Protection Unit of the resort city of Sochi 

Regional Board of professional experts and appraisers Independent non-profit association.

Rotary International Sochi Sochi Club of international association of business people and leading experts.

Rybka v banke Site for aquarists of Sochi.

SGUTiKD@LJ Community of students, educational, scientific, and social life of the Sochi State University of Tourism and Resort Business.

School № 24 ASD team 

SkyNet Sochi house network.

Sochi Foundation of choral art and creativity 

Sochi Historical Facebook public group.

Sochi business club City Public Organization.

Sochi_service Comments about the quality of service in Sochi.

Sochi swingers club 

SochiReporter Sochi blogger community with the support of the Administration of Sochi.

Sochimama Parent Portal of Sochi.


Sokol, the tourists club 

Something else about Sochi Another side of the project "The Olympics-2014".

St. Vladimir's Cathedral Official site.

St.Nikolas ortodox temple 

Svoy Dom Association HOA Sochi.

Teplyakov Victor Official site.

The Church of St. righteous Fyodor Ushakov 

The Sochi Project Dutch journalists are trying to document the changes in Sochi for the Olympics 2014.

Tikhiy chas KVN team.

TrueSochi Independent Sochi news resource.

Tyazheliy sluchay KVN team. Official site.

UK Sochi Association of managing and service organisations of the resort city of Sochi.

Union of Armenians of Russia in Sochi Official site.

Union of Artists of Russia Sochi city branch.


Vityaz An union of security structures.

Woman voters league Regional branch.

Word-Sochi.Ru Socio-political portal.

Yasin Muslim Society of Sochi.

YuAPKO Southern Association of the enterprises resort - tourist branch.

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