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A-Club The official distributor of Polish ship-building company Darek Co.

ATK Aurora Air tickets on all directions, all the Russian and foreign airlines.

ATON Hire and rent of cars. Machines with the driver and without. Individual excursions across Sochi.

AVTOROST Car servicing center.

Adler, the Sochi's airport The international aeroport of Sochi.

Agata Motor transportation agency.

Altego-MA Freight forwarding services.

Ardiba Point of vehicle inspection in Khostinsky distict.

Arsenal Autotechcenter.

Autopiter-Youg Spare parts for cars wholesale and retail.

Autopribambasy Official dealer of FEST.

Autosalon - VK The authorized service station of Mercedes-Benz.

AviaTourne Book sales, shipping, air and railway tickets, RTA services, transfer.

AvtoDom-Sochi Auto sound shops.

AvtoStar Car Rental & Excursions in Sochi.

Avtolider Shop of auto parts.

Avtoor Car market in Sochi.

Avtoshkola Training for drivers of vehicles of category "B".

Avtotur Motor depot of "Intourist".

Banzai Motor Scooters from Japan.

Bluesmobil Sochi Setup studio. A professional auto sound. Modern autotuning.

Boomer AutoComplex. Spare parts and technical maintenance of vehicles.

Chernomorsoyuz Forklifts Nissan.

DAVS in Sochi Air and railway tickets.

Dagomys-Lada The official dealer VAZ, UAZ.

DozoR Night game. Orientation in city on the car.

Drop anchor in Sochi Sochi International Boat Show.

Erling Booking and sale of air and rail tickets, VIP-rooms services, services for corporate clients.

Faros Transport company. Passenger.

Firma Autoservice Repair and maintenance of vehicles.

Flagman Cars from Japan and Singapore, new and used. Installation of gas equipment (HBO) for cars and trucks.

Gruzonye schiny Sochi Truck tires, tire service, spare parts.

Laura-Sochi Official Hyundai dealer.

Laura-Sochi Official dealer of Opel, Chevrolet, Saab, Cadillac, Hummer, Subaru, Suzuki, KIA, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Hymer, a manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Limuzins Complex of services on a meeting, accommodation in hotels and to support on city.

M.I.CARS Car dealer of used cars.

Master-avto Spare parts for foreign cars in stock and on order.


Max motors "Honda Motor Co., Ltd" official dealer at South Russia.

Medved Shop accessories and equipment for SUVs.

Modus Avtodom Autosalon.

Motul in Sochi Authorised dealer of Motul.

Nakamoto Sale motortechnique from Japan.

OOO "Depo" State technical inspection in Lazarevsky.

Olimpik Service International travel agency.

O2-Moto Moto-complex. Diagnostics, service, parts, equipment, and accessories.

Parts for cars 

Persona Passenger transportation and transfer services.

Port Sochi Imeretinsky Development of the design documentation, construction and operation of trading port.

Port of Sochi Sea passenger transportations and cruise tourism at the Black Sea coast of Russia.

R.Roscha Liquefied gas equipment for cars.

RosTransAvto The supplier of road construction, freight, utilities, warehousing equipment and spare parts.

Rus Transport Transport and transfers.

SR Center tonirovania v Sochi Tinting glass.

SVAuto Tyre.

Saturn-M Cargo from 1 kg by truck.

Sochi-ATO BMW authorized dealer at Sochi.

Sochi ATO Official dealer of Mitsubishi Motors.

Sochi MAZ service Official dealer of the Minsk Automobile Plant.

Sochi-TAVS The Sochi territorial agency of air communications. The order, booking and sale of air tickets. The schedule of flights. Travel agency.

Sochitransagentstvo Freight in Sochi and the Krasnodar Territory.

Sochitransuniversal Automotive business.

Spare parts for cars on order 

Studio of car tuning Service equipment (tuning) cars BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche Cayenne, Range-Rover, Volkswagen.

TOPCARsochi Rating of restyled and tuned cars in Sochi.

Transport Directorate of Olympics 

Transservis Autotechcenter. Custom-made passenger transportation, freight, eksursionnoe service, taxi, tow truck, parking clock, clock refueling.

Tuning-studia Tuning and hauling for car compartments.

UTA Edelveis Maintenance work on charter flights servicing business aviation.

Ug-Motors Kawasaki in Sochi.

VIP-Service VIP-taxi and transfering in Sochi on high-class cars, minivans, jeeps etc.

VIRBACauto Tire service, balancing, oil change, headlight adjustment.

Velotreck Chain stores bicycles and motorcycles. Sales & Services. Online Shop of Auto Moto technique.

Youzhnaya Driving school.

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