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Aibolit Veterinary clinic.

Aldera Veterinary clinic. Round the clock.

Armed Medical Centre.

Aroma-Sochi Center for professional aromatherapy.

Astarta Medical center in the sanatorium "Kudepsta".

Center of Human Reproduction and Genetics Diagnosis of hereditary diseases and treatment of infertility.

Children's Home Health-care institution for children without parental care.

City polyclinic № 1 Official site.

Denta Star Dental clinic.

Dental Center Family Dentistry.

Dental Clinic № 1 Multidisciplinary municipal dentistry.

Dental-Plus Treatment, dentures and dental implants.

Dental Practice Smelyansky 

Doctor Kokorin V.L. Homepage.

Dom zdorovya Center of traditional Chinese medicine.

Drug Dispensary № 2 Public health institute.

Elisa The medical diagnostic Center.

Eyes microsurgery Accurate diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Farmmedservice The pharmaceutical company. Works under trade mark FARMADA. Wide assortment of medicines and the goods for appearance and health.

Fomalhaut Wellness Center.

Free Way Psychological Center.

Gorodskaya Sochinskaya Centralisovannaya Loboratorya Laboratory diagnosis.

Insight Center for Applied Psychology.

Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Institute of medical primatology Fundamental and applied researches on actual medical and biologic problems.

KARAL-DENT Dental clinic.

Kosnevich David Matveevich, dentist Cosmetic restoration of teeth, exclusive cermet, diagnosis and treatment of complex cases.

Kotopes Veterinary clinic.

KrioMedCentr Center of cryomedicine.

LV-Rudent Manufacturer of dental products.

M-clinic Dentistry.

MD Pavlyuk Andrey Yurievich Gastroenterology, Proctology, Endoscopy.

Medical massage. Classical massage, improving massage, children's massage (for children from 1 year till 14 years), reflex-segmentary massage.


Medicus Dental clinic in Adler.

Medipart-Youg Medical equipment, surgical instruments.

Micellat Wholesale deliveries of preparation "Alexanat".

Mimex Digital clinic. Natural rejuvenation.

Miss-stomatology A dental clinic.

Municipal hospital № 4 

Nadejda Semeonova's academic health school.

Nadezhda Clinic of family medicine.

Narcological clinic Municipal establishment of public health services.

Norbekov Center in Sochi Healing and rejuvenation system.

OOO "Sanare" Wholesale of the medical goods.

Office of Health of Sochi Administration Official site.

Oncological clinic № 2 The interterritorial oncological centre.

Optic Network of optics salons.

Optica Plus Boutique Salon in Adler.

Optika Shop for prescription glasses and contact lenses in Lazarevsky.

Perinatal Center Maternity hospital.

Polischuk, psychologist Treatment of alcoholism and smoking.

Reada Rehabilitation Center. Treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Renessans Dental Clinic.

Scenar-Pro Rehabilitation Center.

School AFK Dobezhinykh Health school. Hippotherapy.

Sochi-Beauty Medical center of plastic surgery.

Sochi.MD A blog about medicine in Sochi.

Style-Optik Internet-shop of contact correction of vision.

URO-PRO Department of urology, proctology, gynecology and dermatology.

VALE-Dental Dental Clinic.

VIP-stomalogy Clinic of stomatology.

Vertebra's functional problems Doctor Beznutrov Vitaly Stepanovich. Manipulation of a backbone.

ViP Med-Service Dental equipment and consumables.

Yuri Kolyagin Clinic The centre of Russian chiropractic.

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