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Actor Sanatorium of the All-Russia theatrical society.

Avangard The resort on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by dendrological park.

Bealyie nochi Health in the coastal part mountain valley "Uch-Dere, 25 km from the center of Sochi.


Biriuza Year-round resort in Lazarevsky. Distance from the beach is 50 meters.

Chemitokvadgy Sanatorium in Lazarevsky district.

Chenomorye Five-stars sanatorium in the center of Sochi. A versatile medical-diagnostic complex.

Coral Sanatorium in Adler.

Drujba The sanatorium in Dagomys.


Garmonia Cleaning up, cleaning the body, lower body weight.

Golubaya Gorka Official site.

Gorny vozdukh Medical and health center.

Izvestia Spa hotel in Adler. 450 m to the beach.

Kavkaz Health sanatorium in Khosta.

Lazurny bereg Multi-resort for soldiers and their families.

Magadan Rest and treatment for adults, parents with children, the organized rest of children.

Matsesta Medicinal waters complex.

Maurice Thorez The sanatorium. It is located in city centre, in 100 meters from seacoast. Single and family rounds.

Metallurg Official site of Sochi health centre.

Mys Vidny Sanatorium. Treatment and diagnostics. Business tourism.

Neva international  Official site. Boarding house (Tallest building in Sochi)



Oktyabrsky Sanatorium in Mamayka.

Pobeda Sanatorium in Khosta on the western slope of cape Vydny.

Raduga The sanatorium.

Rus' The resort of The Department of Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation.

SKK Sochinsky Sanatorium complex "Sochinsky" of The Ministry of Defense.

SSSR The sanatorium.

Salut Sanatorium of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Semashko Official site of the sanatorium named after N.A. Semashko.

Sochi Modern cases and cottages, modern medical base, sports complex, the biggest in city Sochi pool, a bowling alley, fascinating excursions.

Stavropolie Profile: cardiac, neurological, skin, gynecological, urological.

Svetlana The sanatorium. Rest and treatment of parents with children from 4 to 14 years.

Tashir Boarding house in Lazarevskoe.

The K.E.Voroshilov central military sanatorium Versatile treatment-and-prophylactic establishment.

Volna The oldest sanatorium of city. It is located in the Khosta in 200 meters from the sea.

Youjnoye vzmorye Multi-resort.

Yug Sanatorium in the Soviet-Kvadzhe.


Zelenaya Roscha Treatment and recreation for adults and parents with children.

Zeleonaya roscha Sanatorium is located in unique nature and historical place. Reservation and accomodation.

Znanie Sanatorium complex in Adler.

Zolotoy Kolos Sanatorium in the center of Sochi.

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