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Manufacturing and Production

ARTEX Manufacture and sale of own and imported textile products.

ASK Design, manufacture and installation of aluminum structures.

Bastion Manufacturing of welded and forged metal products and structures.

Dom Chaya The House of Tea.

ETC "Kachestvo" The labour safety centre.

Ekoprom-Service Products made of plastic.

Europukh Carts for chambermaids, hotels, laundries, etc.

Firma Apix Production of seals and stamps, business cards, full color printing.

Glass workshop 

GorIVC City Information and Computing Center. One receipt of payment of utilities.

Gosplemzavod Adler Trout farm.

KSV Wood factory.

Krasnaya Polyana Drinks on the mountain herbs and honey of Krasnaya Polyana.

Krasnopolyanskoye Experimental Station of beekeeping in Krasnaya Polyana.

Krasny byk Manufacturer of seals and stamps.

LAZAR Shop of non-standard products from valuable breeds of a tree in Dagomys. Ladders, furniture, saunas, arches, doors.

Lesnoy mir Woodworking plant.

Marlin Construction and repair of yachts and boats.

Matsestinsky chai Tea production in Matsesta plantations. Tours and tasting.

Meat-packing plant "Sochinsky" Official site.

MelMur Royal jelly, propolis, a waxy material, pollen, beebread, zabrus.

MetProfil 2011 Tin shop. Making elements of the roof.

NPO Firma "Etalon" Manufacturing of production from metal.

Neon-Sochi Production of neon tubes.

Optima Typography.


Orehovij Raj The importer, manufacturer, supplier of nuts and dried fruits.

Plastikam Products made of Plexiglas and plastic.

Print Center on textiles T-shirt printing, screen printing, thermal printing.

RBU-3 Production, sale and delivery of concrete and mortar in Sochi.

RMZ Repair and Mechanical Plant.

Reys Rubber coating, rubber tile.

STEK Sochi Commerce and Export Company. Production IG.

SerViS Making art metalware, manufacture and repair of metal.

Sochi Oxygen station Production of oxygen.

Sochi-Voda Bottled drinking water "Sochinskaya".

Sochi heat-power station OAO "INTER RAO EES".

Sochi woodworking factory 

SochiBilliardService Manufacturing of piece of billiard tables, supplies and repair of billiard tables and accessories.

Sochinsky hlebokombinat Manufacture of bakery products.

Sochinsky okonny zavod Production of PVC windows.

TZB Sausage factory.

Tamara Garment manufacturing enterprise. Overalls.

Ursus-Sochi Special Clothing.

Vedel Sewing.

Veha Natural minaral water.

Vesta Typographical products.

Youzhnaya Nerudnaya Kompanya Extraction and processing of nonmetallic materials.

Yugvodokanal Regional water and sewerage operator.

Zoloto Sochi Drawing a gold metallic coating.

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