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Hotels in Krasnaya Polyana

Aibga Hotel at bottom of mountain ridge Aibga.

Alpijsky dvor Mini hotel.

Dom Aborigena Apart-hotel.

Dom Shalle Hotel in Esto-Sadok.

FLACON 1170 Art Residence.

Flamingo Hotel in Esto-sadok village.

Fort-Eureka Hotel in Krasnaya polyana.

Gala-alpik The three-star hotel for leisure.

Galicino Seating yard in the village of Kamenka, Krasnaya Polyana.

Golden Tulip Rosa Khutor 

Grand Hotel Polyana An hotel in Achipse valley.

Isida & Piramida Mini-hotels. Excursions to the research facility "Pyramid".

Melodia gor Mountain peak-hotel in Esto-Sadok village.

Olympia Hotel in the center of Krasnaya Polyana.


Outomlenye solncem 

Peak Hotel Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana.

Private cottage 

Raiski domik Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana. In Alps style.

Rodnik Mini-hotel in Krasnaya Polyana.

Shale Guest house in Esto-Sadok.

Sofia Hotel in the center of Krasnaya Polyana, at bottom of mountain Achishho in 10 km from a mountain-skiing complex "Alpika-service".

Tatyana Hotel at the foot of Aibga mountain.

Troika Hotel near the ski lifts.

Tukan Guest house.

Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor Hotel An hotel of Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts.

Vertical 6 floor building with the lift, warmed up covered pool, restaurant on 60 places.

4 vershiny Club-hotel in Esto-Sadok at Krasnaya Polyana.

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