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Boarding houses

Akvamarin Boarding house in Khosta.

Alla Boarding house in Lazarevsky.

Atlant Children's Camp (DOL) in Zubova Schel.

Automobilist Holiday Hotel in Kudepsta.

Aviator Pension in Golovinka.

Burevestnik 3 Holiday for students and faculty of Moscow State University.

Burgas Boarding house in Kudepsta.



Donskie Zory Children's Health Camp in Lo-o.

Edem Boarding house in Svetlana.

Evelina Private boarding house in Adler, 20 minutes on foot up to the sea. A transfer, a supervised parking, billiards, consultations of the doctor.

Express Children's camp in the town of Saloniki.

Fakel Boarding house with treatment in the center of Sochi in 10 minutes of walking from seacoast.

Forum Improving camp of children's and family rest.

Fregat Boarding house in Adler. Official site.

Golowinka Boarding house in Golovinka.

Grand Hotel in Lo-o.

Grenada Boarding house in Lazarevskoye.

Horizont Family rest base in Dagomys.

Ivushka Boarding house of RZD in Uch-Dere.

Kamelia Boarding house.

Khosta Pension leisure.

Korall Pension in Golovinka.

Kosmos Boarding house in settlement Ashe. An official site.

Krasnaya Gvozdika Boarding house in Lazarevsky.

Kristall The boarding house with treatment in Khosta.

LAD Boarding house in Makopse, Lazarevskoye.

Mercury "Mercury" building of the Recreation Complex "Dagomys".


Mosenergo boarding house in Lo'o 

Moskovsky zheleznodorozhnik Hotel-boarding house in the Khosta near the banks of the mountain river.

Nasha villa Camp site, 6 km from the airport Adler on road to the Krasnay Polyana. Surfing, rafting, mountain-skiing rest.

Nevsky Ogonyok Guest house in Golovinka.

Nova Pronival Tents rest at the seaside in Yakornaya Schel.

Olympiysky-Dagomys Boarding house. Official site.

Org Psaho Music art camping.

Podmoskovie Accommodation house on the mountain near the park "Dendrary".

PrimaVera Boarding house in Mamayka, in 300 meters from the sea.

Raduga Boardinghouse in Golovinka.

Rodnik Boarding house in Lo-o.

SKO "Adlerkurort" Sanatorium association in Adler.


Santa-Barbara Boarding house in the center of Sochi.


Sochi Recreation center.

SolnechnoGorsk Children's camp.

Solnechny Luch Single and family rest. Holding conferences and seminars. Improvement of inhabitants from areas of ecological accidents.

Solnyshko Boarding house in Adler's Kurortny gorodok, in 5 minutes of walking from the sea.

Son ou morya Medical-improving complex in Mamayka.

Sputnik Touristic centre.

The journalists creativity house of Russia Hostel for journalists and printers, a drugstore, hotel on twenty places and offices.

Vardane Family and student's rest.

Vea Family boarding house in Yakornaya Schel.

Vea Family boarding house in Yakornaya Schel.

Victoriya-otdykh Pension family holiday in Lazarevsky.

Victory Boarding house in Lazarevskoe at sea coast.

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