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AIRLIFE yuzhny portal Design, supply and maintenance of air conditioning.

Alp-Street Ventilation.

Climat Sochi Climate control equipment.

Companya Bezopasnost Sale and installation of systems of protection and safety. Designing of complex systems of safety.

Diadema Sochi Air conditioners in Sochi: sale, installation, service.

Dilmark The development of engineering systems.

Electrovision Integrated security systems.

Euro-Stroy HVAC equipment and ventilation systems.

Fenix Air-conditioners "GLADIATOR".

Fleksi Buildmarket.

Fordewind Climate control equipment.

Golfstrim Heating systems.

Gravis Ventilated facade and advertising structures.

ITES The supply, design, installation.

Interservis Work on the external and internal engineering networks.

KIT Shop plumbing.

Keramik Plumbing equipment.

Kompania ELITA Supplies of materials for engineering systems.

Kompanya EcosStroy Water purification.

Korso Gas, heating and water supply.

Kotlogazstroy Engineering solutions for gas supply, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Mir-Voyage Design, installation and maintenance of boilers, installation of external and internal engineering networks.

More Santechniki Showers, baths, ceramic tile and ceramic.

Moroz Master Air conditioning sales and installation.

OAO NII Santekhniki Laboratory for water and sanitation.

Osminog Engineering services, engineering support buildings and structures.

Petroterm Engineering equipment for buildings: water, heating and sanitation.

Pingwin Installation and maintenance of air conditioners.

Polimerstroi Manufacture and sale of units of permanent shuttering.

ProfLine Utility systems and climate systems.

RemStroyAutomatika Alarm systems, security and access control.

RollComplekt Automatic gates.

RostInprom Installation of wastewater treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, grease traps, biological products, etc.


RostInprom-Sochi Equipment for wastewater treatment.

Rowen Deliveries of equipment for ventilation systems and insulating materials.

Russky project Services in designing, equipment and maintenance service of public catering establishments and trade.

Russky vek Systems of air-conditioning, ventilation, water and heating.

SBMgroup Biological sewage treatment.

SPK StroyKom Design and construction of engineering systems and communications.

SST - Sochi Electrical heating cable systems.

Servo-Youg Engineering sewage system, heating, water and ventilation.

Slavyansky torgovy dom – Service The laundry facilities, dry cleaning machines and accessories.

SochiKlimat Sale and installation of the climate technology and equipment.

Sovremennye Inzhinernye Systemy Interior design of building engineering systems, installation and servicing.

Spektr Low-voltage networks. Implementation of "Smart Home" systems.

Stabilnost-LTD Automatics for a gate, barriers, barriers and parking systems, garage doors, windows.

Stile i Bezopasnost Manufacture and installation of automatic gates, barriers, roller shutters and doors.

Strop Invest Production of removable lifting equipment and accessories. Freight lines.

StroyVentSystema Design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

SuperSpa - Sochi SPA swimming pools.

TVS-Garant Designing, sale and installation warmly-water systems.

Technology komforta Heating equipment.

Teploservis Heating systems.

Teplovodogaz komplekt Power equipment; Valves; water meters, heat and gas meters.

Termoengenering Sales, installation and maintenance of engineering systems.

Texnosila Transformers and power cables.

Tsarsky Dom Access control and security.

UPC PB The educational-industrial center of fire safety. The fire-prevention equipment and fire signal systems in Sochi. Training and improvement of professional skill of the personnel.

Vektor-Plyus Electrical.

Vibrozaschita Soundproofing, vibration protection.

Victel Facilities for buildings, premises and territories, low-current engineering systems.

YougKanatSnab Lifting products.

Youzhnaya Rus-2000 Wholesale and retail sale of stoves, fireplaces, boilers, chimneys.

Yug-ventilation Manufacture of ventilation systems and products made of galvanized steel.

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