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Repairs and finishing, Landscaping

ALLIGATOR Bureau of Plant "ALLIGATOR" in Krasnodar region. Coatings.

Aluminevy stile The windows of aluminum, facade glazing, stained glass windows.

Architecture and Landscape Center Landscaping.

Art Mosaic Studio Vera Vinogradova's studio.

Artfolie Stretch ceilings.

Arzusta To sale of the building, finishing and economic goods.

Bez ram Panoramic windows without frames.

Byt Store of paints and varnishes.

Cihan Trading Dry mixes for repairs and finishing works.

Compania Novye okna Metal-plastic products made of profile REHAU.

Complexnye Systemy Structures made of polycarbonate.

Decor Centre OIKOS Italian paints and decorative coatings.

Dobrotnye okna Windows, aluminum construction, closets, stained glass, stretched, air-conditioning system.

DyaDya Electrik Architectural and landscape lighting, electrical work.

Econom Stretch ceilings.

Elitny Fasad Ventilated facades, aluminium stained-glass windows, Metal-plastic windows.

EuroDekor Finishing materials.

Eurostroy-1 Road-paving surface.

Exclusive French tension ceilings.

Gornitca Manufacture, sale and installation of plastic windows and doors.

Gramika Frameless balcony.

Grand Project Elite renovation of apartments, offices and industrial premises.

IP Drozdov's Landscape design.

Interier-Servis Repair and finishing od premises, landscaping, gardening and landscaping.

Irart Plywood, saw-timbers, general construction materials.

Kvant Sochi Manufacture of joinery. Stairs, windows, doors, kitchen.

La Fleur Studio art of stained glass.

Landshaft-Prestige Landscape design, planting and landscaping.


Ludmila Plus Building materials wholesale and detail.

M'art Design bureau. Design of interiors, exteriors, environmental design.

Maks-Adler Finishing materials.

NTS Repair of residential and office spaces.

Nord-service Wholesale and retail sales of building materials.

OOO "Hosta" Modernization of housing and communal services.

Palisad Landscape design, complex accomplishment and gardening of territories.

Porogy Wholesale and retail sales of sheet plastics.

RIO Repair and decoration of apartments.

Reconstruction in Sochi 

Ruletka Shop of finishing and building materials.

Santechnika-Sochi Wholesale deliveries of plumbing.

Sibirsky Business Group of companies. Sale of thermal insulation, and other finishing materials.

Sochi Poliuretan Plus The use of polyurethane materials, services on the device wear-resistant protective coating floor, walls and roofs.

Sochi nursery plants The nursery of ornamental plants.

Somax Group Aerated concrete blocks, decking, paving slabs of granite.

Sota Construction and renovation.

Status Metal building cabins, finishing materials.

StroyDesignService A comprehensive renovation and decoration of apartments and office space.

StroyMax-Youg The reconstruction and renovation of industrial and municipal facilities.

TSK "Izostroy" Wholesale deliveries of dry building mixes and paint and varnish materials.

Tentstroyservice Awnings, Solariums, marquees, tents.

Torgovy Dom Tikkurila Paint products shop.


Z-ART Design A comprehensive renovation of apartments.

Zenon Official Vipgips.

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