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Architecture, Development and Engineering

ALFA club Building houses a club type of residential use.

AR.KO Architectural workshop.

AW of Alexandr Shabelnik Architectural Workshop.

Alexander Ivanovsky Architect.

Alexandria Commerce and business center.

Alexandriysky mayak Elite residential complex.

Alles Residential house of club type.

Amfora Small architectural forms.

Amirov Michael Architectural Company 

Arcade Architect's Studio.

ArchiNOVA Architecture studio.

Architect Anna Suhorukova Blog.

Architect Natalia Zakharova Architectural design of individual houses, shops and offices. Projects redevelopment of apartments.

Architects of Chernomorye Sochi self-regulatory organization of architectural and building design.

Architecture of Sochi Electronic Journal of the architecture of the city of Sochi.

ArtProject Design and construction.

BaksT Architectural and design bureau.

Chernomorkourortproject Design, survey, survey of buildings and utilities, drilling.

Crystal Towers Multifunctional residential complex.

Dom ou Dendrarya The residential complex of business class.

EnergoTeleCom Design, wiring, low voltage and commissioning.

Falcone The residential complex of business class on Pervomayskaya street.

Filatov Andrey Design projects of apartments; visualization of architecture.

Flagman The residential complex of business class.

Geo-Center Engineering and geological surveys.

Globexpark All for the installation of surface and underground drainage.

Gorky Gorod Resort town on Krasnaya Polyana.

Gorky 11 Cottage village.

Gorstroimontage Construction of ski resorts.

Gotika Architectural and design company.

Ideal House Sochi Site of the tenants of "Ideal House".

Ideas for urban environment Comfort urban environment consists of little things that we gather in a virtual chest of ideas.

Imeretinskiy Resort area.

Integrotelecom Designing and building of engineering communications.

Korolevsky Park The residential complex of luxury suites.

Krasnaya Ploschad Residential Complex De Luxe.

Kubangeologia "Chernomorsky" branch.

Maly Akhun The residential complex on the hillside of Akhun.


Morskaya symphonia Luxury residential complex.

Municipal Institute of General Plan Land survey and design work.

Novaya Alexandria Residential complex on Pushkin Prospect.

OAO "Uzhprojectcommunstroy" Project institute.

Orhideya Park The complex of apartments.

Ostrov Sochi Complex on artificial island off Sochi coast.

Park Gorkogo The residential complex.

Park Shale Cottage quarter in Krasnaya Polyana.

Program for the completion of residential facilities in Sochi 

Prospekt Architectural office.

Raz. Dva. Three! A residential complex.

Russian Union of Architects Sochi city guild.

Sea Palace Residential complex.

Shakhtospetsstroy Laying of underground pipelines, buildings and mines.

Sochi Grand Marina Comprehensive redevelopment project of the coastal seaport zone of Sochi.

Sochi Invest Project Land survey, design, construction, legal services.

Sochi-Stroy-Snab Complex organization of construction works.

Sochi peshkom Sociocultural project on the urban environment.

Sochi 2035 Architectural and urban planning contest.

Sochiarhproekt Design of public and residential buildings.

Sochigrazhdanproject Bureau of architectural design.

Sochitranstonnelproject TO-44 Construction, assembly and design - exploration.

Spot Camp Sochi 2014 International educational project.

Stilins Architectural design, interior design.

Svetoservice Outdoor lighting.

Town Planning Board of Sochi Official site.

Urban Consulting Design, construction documentation, documentation approval.

Urban Engineering Design of civil and industrial buildings.

Uzhnaya Architecturnaya Kompanya Development of design documentation for the projects for civilian use.

VIOTI Design, construction, landscape design.

Venchagov FEST Urban Art Festival of Landscape Design and Floristry.

Vereschaginskaya Dacha Housing estate.

Welding Welder / plumber for works within the Greater Sochi.

Yougakademcenter Architectural design.

Zaitsev Architects Over 1200 projects in Sochi.

Zimny Dvorets Residential complex in Krasnaya Polyana.

Zolotoy parus Cottage settlement on Mamajsky pass.

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