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Computers, Office Supplies and Equipment


Alpha-Soft Automation of business.

Business Technology Automation of business processes of the enterprise.

C-ProfIT.RU System Integrator, IT-outsourcing.

Compmaster Sochi Repair and maintenance of computer equipment.

Computer Clinic Computer services: setting the computer, setting up Windows.

ITWonline Accident-free information systems.

Information technology in medicine Integrated automation of sanatorium and resort facilities, rehabilitation centers, etc.

Internet Provider Company Setup, repair and maintenance of computers. Web development. Support for 1C:Enterprise.

It-expert Repair and maintenance of computers.

Ivolga Development of complex information system for sanatoria.

KMT - Service The service center for Xerox equipment.

Kerikion Fuel and selling the cartridges, office paper and stationery.

Market Sochi E-shop of computer and copying equipment, software.

Microlana Computers and office suppliers. Service center.

NORWEQ  NORWEQ Hospitality Technologies is a Russian company fully concentrated on hospitality industry needs. Representatives in Sochi.

PC repair in Sochi 

PLAZMASOCHI.RU Rent of the presentation equipment.

PROTOS Sale of computers and office technics. Repair service. Support of systems "Konsultant PLUS".

Positronica Computers, office and household appliances.


ProfBezopasnost' Security systems, television and communication equipment.

Profit-Audit Services in the automation.

SandSoft Accounting automation and computer technologies in cities Sochi, Novorossisk and Krasnodar.

Sdelano v Sochi Guest Wi-Fi services.

SoftProject Business management automation.

Stels Cybercafe.

Sun Net Local Network in Lazarevsky.

Symbioforge Software for hadled computers.

The Sochi forum of IT experts 

The computer world Shop of computer technics in Adler. The official partner of firm 1С.


Upiter-Youg Computers and accessories.

Viking-Sochi Lease and rental of presentation equipment.

X-pro Computer shop in Adler.

XLIT Service Comprehensive IT services.

1C:BiT The delivery and support of business software of 1C company.

1S-Rarus Sochi Delivery and support of business software products of firm 1C.

911IT Repair and sell computers.

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