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Business and Finance

AKM-Youg Translation Bureau.

Ace Investment in construction projects.

Alfabank "Chernomorsky", the branch.

Alpiysky vympel Private Security Company.

Altair Insurance company.

Aris Group Microfinance institution.

Bank Zenit Sochi 

Bank of Moscow, Sochi branch Bank in the center of Sochi. A wide spectrum of services.

Bereginya + Recruitment agency home staff.

Buhgalteria Sochi Registration of Ltd. and PI.

CCI of Sochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sochi.

CKK Vektor Full support of legal entities.

Centralno-aziatsky bank Branch in Sochi.

Consulting Office Youg Registration, liquidation, change of legal entities.

Drouzhina Private security company.

Event-Service Services for the organization and activities, rental of equipment.

Finam Representative in Sochi.

Global-Connections International contacts and all service package.

Inter-Audit-Invest Advice, audits, bookkeeping recovery.

International Investment Forum Annual Economic forum.

Investment Portal of Sochi Official website of the municipality of Sochi.

Jobs in Sochi Job ads in Sochi.

Kontur Ltd. Accounting services in Sochi.

LINDT group Organization and conducting of conferences, negotiations, incentive programs, corporate events.

MegaTeam Outstaffing and Outsourcing. Recruitment. Accounting services.

National bank Trust Service Offices in Sochi.

Nika Recruitment Agency.

Nomos Bank Offices in Sochi.

OOO "Longauditservice" Carrying out of auditor checks of the financial reporting.


Oilteam Research and the development of mineral resources, including marine and offshore fields.

Olympiysky business center 

Otdel kadrov Personnel Center.

Ozarenie Center for Marketing and Social Research.

Pervaya Ipotechnaya Konpanya An independent mortgage broker.

Phoenix Expert assessment.

Raiffeisenbank Full range of banking services.

Richland Accounting and legal services.

Rosgosstrakh - Zhizn Office in Sochi.

SK Novy Sochi Consultation on accounting and tax reporting.

SOUD - Sochi expo's The organization and carrying out business-exhibitions.

Sochi Business Club 

Sochi-Expo The exhibition company. The organization and carrying out business-exhibitions.

Sochi-Garant The medical insurance company.

SochiInvestProject Investment Organization.

Svyatogor Private security organisation.

The Center of Financial Technologies Nocommercial partnership "The Center of Financial Technologies"

The center of economic and legal examinations Construction-technical expert appraisal, an estimation, business-planning.

URALSIB The leasing company.

Uniastrum bank Subsidiary office "Sochi".

Uralsib-Youg bank, Adler branch 

Uralsib-Youg bank, Lazarevskoye branch 

Uralsib-Youg bank, Sochi branch 

WebSila Corporation WebMoney cashing in/out.

Youg Consulting Audit Accounting Support Services.

YougAcademAudit Auditing, accounting, tax support, and consulting. jobs in Sochi Vacancies and resumes.

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