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17:05, 06.06.2023 Microsoft to pay $20 million to settle Xbox Live privacy allegations

05:20, 06.06.2023 Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations

21:58, 05.06.2023 Microsoft Outlook users hit with brief Monday morning outage

20:22, 05.06.2023
Yahoo!News Is Outlook down? Thousands of users report problems with Microsoft's email platform

19:43, 05.06.2023 Microsoft Outlook users hit with Monday morning outage

22:41, 28.05.2023 Microsoft executive calls for faster AI regulation

20:26, 25.05.2023 Microsoft leaps into the AI regulation debate, calling for a new US agency and executive order

12:05, 25.05.2023 NASA's VIPER is leading the way for the next generation of moon rovers

  rose bar rose bar    11:51, 25.05.2023
Deutsche Welle Microsoft, US warn Chinese hackers targeting critical infrastructure

02:15, 25.05.2023
Yahoo!News Microsoft: State-sponsored Chinese hackers could be laying groundwork for disruption

01:40, 25.05.2023 Chinese hackers seeking to disrupt communications between US and Asia in event of crisis, Microsoft says

22:37, 23.05.2023 Here are all the AI updates Microsoft announced at its developers conference keynote

21:46, 19.05.2023
Yahoo!News NASA picks Bezos' Blue Origin to build lunar landers for moonwalkers

17:37, 19.05.2023 Twitter accuses Microsoft of refusing to pay for tweets and abusing its data access

12:14, 16.05.2023 Mars on Earth: NASA researchers will spend a year living in a simulated habitat

08:32, 16.05.2023 Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sells entire stake in TSMC

  rose bar    19:17, 15.05.2023 EU okays Microsoft deal for Activision that UK blocked

18:52, 15.05.2023 EU approves Microsoft's deal to buy Activision Blizzard

19:04, 13.05.2023 Updated human DNA map captures diversity of life

01:31, 11.05.2023 Google brings AI to search as it vies with Microsoft

01:31, 11.05.2023 Google reveals AI updates as it vies with Microsoft

06:19, 08.05.2023
Deutsche Welle NASA satellites take off in tropical cyclones mission

05:06, 08.05.2023 Loaf-size mission launches to improve hurricane forecasting

14:53, 07.05.2023 Loaf-size mission to improve hurricane forecasting is ready to launch

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