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14:20, 20.07.2019 Republican Lawmakers Urge Trump to Act Faster on Pentagon’s $10 bln JEDI Cloud Contract

12:44, 20.07.2019 'One Giant Leap for Mankind': Little Known Fact About Apollo 11 Moon Landing

22:25, 19.07.2019
Deutsche Welle Apollo 50 Festival: Washington celebrates the moon landing

21:27, 19.07.2019 Floating food: The history of eating in space

17:40, 19.07.2019 'We did the impossible': What it was like inside Apollo 11's Mission Control

13:12, 19.07.2019 Boeing's 737 hit; Iran tensions and oil; Microsoft soars

12:00, 19.07.2019
Yahoo!News Why Russia Flew Half of Its Su-57 Fighters (And It’s Not What You Think)

10:00, 19.07.2019
Yahoo!News Apollo 11: The inside story from rivalry between the astronauts to Buzz Aldrin's secret tragedy

  rose bar rose bar    05:03, 19.07.2019 Microsoft's 'blow out' quarter beats projections by $1 billion

02:39, 19.07.2019 Microsoft's 'blow out' fourth quarter beats analyst projections by $1 billion

16:02, 18.07.2019 Why the 1969 moon landing still inspires space explorers today

03:17, 18.07.2019
Yahoo!News Microsoft Data Shows Hackers Still Targeting U.S. Elections

02:21, 18.07.2019 Microsoft says foreign hackers still actively targeting US political targets

02:04, 17.07.2019 Apollo 11 lunar samples were searched for signs of life

01:16, 17.07.2019 Here are the best deals on laptops for Prime Day

18:55, 16.07.2019 German State Bans Microsoft Office 365 in Local Schools Due to Privacy Risks

  rose bar    13:50, 16.07.2019 India, China Should Join Forces in Space to Reach New Advances as Russia, Washington Did - US Expert

18:37, 15.07.2019 NASA Chief Explains Why America Hasn't Been Back to the Moon Since the 70s

06:02, 15.07.2019 US to Launch Its First Own Spacecraft to ISS After NASA Certification in May 2020 - Source

15:00, 14.07.2019 ‘Pentagon War Cloud’ Bidding in Home Stretch as Amazon Versus Microsoft Showdown Cleared by Judge

12:33, 14.07.2019 The Española chile pepper will be the first fruiting plant NASA grows in space

19:35, 13.07.2019
Yahoo!News Unprecedented fires burn the Arctic

16:24, 13.07.2019 NASA's impossible fighter jet with inverted wings

11:23, 13.07.2019 Top NASA Officials Reshuffled as WH Fumes Over Slow Progress on Trump's Moon Mission - Report

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