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21:33, 03.07.2020 Does Space Smell? This Company Says Yes and Wants to Produce a Perfume

16:36, 03.07.2020 Tech companies are still helping police scan your face

14:26, 03.07.2020 New crew will launch to the International Space Station in October

09:43, 03.07.2020 Amazon and Microsoft stopped working with police on facial recognition. For others it's still big business

22:05, 02.07.2020 Surface Earbuds deliver on comfort and sound, but the price leaves you wanting more

12:40, 02.07.2020
Deutsche Welle The facts on Perseverance: Mars 2020 Rover

15:23, 01.07.2020 NASA astronauts conduct second spacewalk for space station power upgrades

14:11, 01.07.2020 NASA Astronauts Perform Spacewalk Outside ISS - Video

  rose bar rose bar    04:34, 01.07.2020 China discovers new swine flu with pandemic potential

02:40, 01.07.2020 Fauci Says US ‘Needs to Keep Eye’ on New Swine Flu in China to Avoid COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario

18:48, 30.06.2020 China researchers discover new swine flu with 'pandemic potential'

12:17, 30.06.2020 International Asteroid Day: A look at NASA's first planetary defense mission

02:48, 30.06.2020 Microsoft Reportedly Suspends Advertising on Facebook, Instagram Worldwide

00:36, 30.06.2020 Could a boycott kill Facebook?

15:07, 29.06.2020 Microsoft Retail Stores To Remain Open In China Amid Major Push For AI Research, COVID-19 Strategy

02:50, 29.06.2020 Off-Nominal Levels of Toxic Benzene First Detected at International Space Station in April - Report

  rose bar    16:48, 27.06.2020 'A Decade of Sun': NASA Releases 10-Year Time-Lapse Footage of Solar Cycle

16:17, 27.06.2020 Space Loo: NASA Offers $20,000 to Person Who Designs Toilet For Lunar Mission

15:09, 27.06.2020 NASA Astronaut Loses Wrist Mirror During Works Outside ISS, Reports Say

23:50, 26.06.2020 NASA Says Five Asteroids Will Fly Past the Earth This Weekend

21:24, 26.06.2020 NASA is offering $35,000 in prizes to design a toilet that will work on the moon

19:02, 26.06.2020 Microsoft Says It Will Permanently Close All Retail Stores

18:48, 26.06.2020 Microsoft is closing all of its stores

16:11, 26.06.2020
Yahoo!News Spacewalking astronaut loses mirror, newest space junk

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