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19:43, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News Russia steps up its presence in north-east Syria after Turkey deal

18:17, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News Russian forces enter Syrian border towns after deal struck with Turkey

14:15, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News As Kremlin eyes Africa, Putin praises ties at major summit

14:11, 23.10.2019 Russia, African Countries Root Friendship by Planting Everlasting Trees in Sochi Park

14:01, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News Brexit’s Risk to the Union Is Becoming Clearer

11:38, 23.10.2019 Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum Kicks Off in Sochi, Russia - Video

06:24, 23.10.2019 First Ever Russia-Africa Summit, Business Forum to Start on 23 October in Sochi

04:50, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News As Kremlin scrambles for Africa, Putin praises ties at major summit

  rose bar rose bar    03:07, 23.10.2019 'Face-Saving Gesture': Putin Invokes Adana Agreement as 'Basis for Reconciliation'

02:33, 23.10.2019 Turkish Defense Ministry: No Need to Launch Additional Operation Along Border

02:33, 23.10.2019 Turkish Defense Ministry: US Says Withdrawal of Kurdish Fighters From 'Safe Zone' Complete

02:33, 23.10.2019 Turkish Defence Ministry: No Need to Carry Out New Operation in Syria 'At This Stage'

00:33, 23.10.2019 Putin and Erdogan just did a deal on Syria. The US is the biggest loser.

23:06, 22.10.2019
Yahoo!News Turkey and Russia agree on deal over buffer zone in northern Syria

22:42, 22.10.2019
Yahoo!News Turkey and Russia announce deal to withdraw all Kurdish forces from Syrian border

21:09, 22.10.2019
Reuters Turkey, Russia reached deal for 'terror-free safe zone': Turkish official

  rose bar    20:54, 22.10.2019 Unlawful Foreign Presence Must End in Syria – Putin After Talks With Erdogan

20:54, 22.10.2019 Key Highlights From Putin-Erdogan Talks, Joint Memorandum on Situation in Syria

20:11, 22.10.2019 Putin, Erdogan Holding Talks in Sochi for Over Five Hours

18:13, 22.10.2019 President of Mauritius Keen to Discuss Bilateral Ties With Putin at Russia-Africa Forum

16:36, 22.10.2019
Yahoo!News Russia, Turkey leaders hold talks on fate of Syria border

15:01, 22.10.2019
Yahoo!News The Latest: Putin welcomes Erdogan in Sochi for Syria talks

12:10, 22.10.2019 Turkey's Syria Op High on Agenda: Putin and Erdogan Set to Meet in Russia's Sochi

22:51, 21.10.2019
Deutsche Welle Erdogan spokesman: Europeans 'should be thankful to our soldiers'

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