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18:40, 04.12.2019
Yahoo!News Putin says U.S. ramping up its military forces for space

16:27, 26.11.2019
Yahoo!News Turkey 'to sign new missile defence system contract' with Russia, in fresh blow to US ties

14:59, 14.11.2019
Yahoo!News Libya’s Prime Minister Says Russia Mercenaries Will Drag Out War

17:06, 11.11.2019
Yahoo!News Cash, Trolls and a Cult Leader: How Russia Meddles Abroad for Profit

22:36, 09.11.2019 Erdogan, Putin Discuss Syria Over Phone, Reaffirm Commitment to Sochi Memorandum

14:00, 08.11.2019
Yahoo!News For Kurds on the Syrian Front Line There’s No Ceasefire

05:25, 08.11.2019
Yahoo!News U.S. Envoy in Syria Says Not Enough Was Done to Avert Turkish Attack

14:38, 05.11.2019
Yahoo!News In Syria, as in Other ‘Frozen’ Conflicts, Putin Plays Peacemaker but Doesn’t Want Real Peace

  rose bar rose bar    00:21, 31.10.2019
Yahoo!News Russia-linked Facebook influence campaign 'pushed Kremlin interests in Africa'

17:26, 30.10.2019 Turkish Defence Minister: Our Cooperation with Russia Continues Successfully

18:37, 29.10.2019 Pullout of Kurdish Militia From Safe Zone in Northeastern Syria Completed Ahead of Schedule - Shoigu

16:13, 29.10.2019
Yahoo!News 'A New Message': Moscow Trains Its Propaganda Machine on Africa

15:37, 27.10.2019
Reuters Syria's SDF says it will redeploy from Turkey border under Russia deal

21:48, 26.10.2019 Turkish President Erdogan Says Will Clear Border With Syria of 'Terrorists' if Sochi Deal Fails

18:04, 26.10.2019
Yahoo!News Erdogan says will clear 'terrorists' from Syria border if Sochi deal fails

05:00, 25.10.2019 Russia-Africa Summit Gives Continent ‘Leverage’ Against Former Colonial Powers

  rose bar    21:26, 24.10.2019 Putin Jokes About Russia’s Place in World Bank’s Latest 'Doing Business' Rating – Video

20:13, 24.10.2019
Yahoo!News Kurds attacked by Turkish-backed fighters day after Trump boasts of 'permanent' ceasefire

19:01, 24.10.2019
Yahoo!News Ethiopia’s Abiy Says Talks With Egypt Can Resolve Nile Dispute

17:08, 24.10.2019 Russia, African Nations Sign 500 Deals Worth Over $12Bln at Russia-Africa Forum - Adviser

14:45, 24.10.2019 Ex-Turkish Minister Says Sochi Deal Aims to Avoid Collision With Syrian Military on Border

10:16, 24.10.2019 Second Day of First-Ever Russia-Africa Forum in Sochi - Video

02:20, 24.10.2019 Sochi Ceasefire ‘Win-Win for Idea of Peace in Syria,’ Says Anti-War Activist

20:54, 23.10.2019
Yahoo!News Trump claims he saved lives of 'thousands' in Syria as he declares end of US involvement in the war

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